City of Springs Retirement Home


City of Springs is located at the heart of Los Baños town and is 50 meters away from the market.

Rooms can be converted into a condominium type accommodation facility for long term leasing

It has the amenities you need for a long term stay. It has a kitchennette with provision for cooking facilities like refrigerator, oven and stove.

Swimming Pools

Relax and float your worries away. Enjoy the refreshing hot water from the springs of Mount Makiling.

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Rules on Food/Reminders

The resort is a picnic area. Tables and open cottages are provided for your picnic needs. We rent out bbq grills and sell charcoal. We are not very strict with our hotel guests bringing food. You can bring food but we do not allow cooking inside the hotel rooms. Families and groups bringing food can rent picnic tables and barbecue grills in the resort. We advise that alongside with your room you also rent a picnic table so you have a place to stay in the resort even after you have checked out from your room. We can handle kitchen service for a fee if you prefer to buy fresh raw food for cooking.

We do not allow pets in the resort and hotel rooms. More reminders at FAQs

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