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Check-in: 2:00pm Check-out 12:00nn
All hotel rooms are fully air-conditioned with cable TV, private toilet & bath. Minibar available where specified.

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No free breakfast included for City of Springs hotel guests.

Suite Room

9 suite rooms have either indoor pools or a kitchenette.

with Pool

Specifications for Suite Room with Pool
Capacity 4 pax
Beds 4 Single
Location Ground Floor
Features Indoor Pool

with kitchenette

Specifications for Suite Room with Kitchenette
Capacity 4 pax
Beds 4 Single
Location 2nd Floor

Room Rates

De Luxe Room

8 de luxe rooms have indoor pools or jacuzzi inside. Rest and relaxation well within your reach.

with Pool

Specifications for De Luxe Room with Pool
Capacity 2-4pax
Beds 1 Double
Location Ground Floor


Specifications for De Luxe Room with Optional Jacuzzi
Capacity 2-4 pax
Beds 1 Double
Location Ground Floor
Features Indoor Jacuzzi

Room Rates

Lakeside Room

8 lakeside rooms with a veranda where you can enjoy the breathtaking sunsets at City of Springs Hotel. The view of the lake is absolutely fantastic.

Specifications for Lakeside Rooms
Capacity 2-4 pax
Beds 1 Double
Location 2nd Floor

Room Rates

Standard Room

Google Map

10 standard rooms at City of Springs Hotel. A great room for 2 to 4 persons who want a relaxing place after enjoying the fun activities at the resort.

Specifications for Standard Room
Capacity 2-4 pax
Beds 1 Double
Location Ground / 2nd Floor

Room Rates

Victoria Lodge

Google Map

8 Victoria lodge rooms. If you really want to get away from the distractions of the city these are great rooms for you. We have intentionally removed the television from your room so you can have peace and tranquility.

Specifications for Victoria Lodge
Capacity 2-4 pax
Beds 1 Double, or
2 Single
Location Ground / 2nd Floor

Room Rates


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Larger groups may choose to stay at one of our 2 spacious Dormitory rooms, each having twenty single beds. Go ahead, stay up late, play games and have fun with your friends. While you may share the room with your friends, you still have the comfort of your own bed—your space of comfort.

Specifications for Dormitory
Capacity 20 pax
Beds 20 single beds
Location Convention Hall
3rd Floor

Dormitories have common toilets and baths separate for men and women.

Room Rates

City Room & Resort Rates

No free breakfast included. Add 30% for Holy Week Room Rates...

  Couple/Single Group(4pax)
Suite Room (w. Indoor Pool) -- Php 3,640.00
Suite Room (w. Kitchenette) -- 3,110.00
Deluxe Room (1 Hr Free Jacuzzi) 2,110.00 2,680.00
Deluxe Room (w. Indoor Pool) 2,500.00 3,000.00
Lakeside Room 1,860.00 2,460.00
Standard Room 1,500.00 2,160.00

Dormitory (20 pax with 20 beds;common toilet/bath;entrance fee included)

-- 8,280.00
* Add per Adult 250.00
* Add per Child 150.00
Victoria Lodge 740.00 930.00
Victoria Lodge 8/9 -- 1,720.00

Extra Jacuzzi Rate per Hour

Other Charges
Extra Person (bed not included) Adult 250.00
Children 150.00
Extra Bed   350.00
Extra Mattress   250.00
Extra Hour Couple 200.00
Group 400.00

City of Springs Amenities

Swimming entrance
  Day Rate Night Rate
Adult Php 85.00 95.00
Student 75.00 85.00
Children 60.00 70.00
Senior Citizen 70.00 75.00
* Day swimming: 7:00am to 6:00pm
* Night swimming: 7:00pm to 6:00am
Private Pool
Private Pool Php 4,000.00

* 8am-5pm, includes entrance for 20 pax, 4 sets tables/chairs

Cottages, tables and other charges
Tables 3-5 pax 400.00
6-8 pax 700.00
Corkage Softdrinks /case 100.00
Beer / case 120.00
Hard Liquor / bottle 100.00
Electricity Charge   100.00 to 500.00

Splash Resort and Picnic Hut Rates

Rules on Food/Reminders

The resort is a picnic area. Tables and open cottages are provided for your picnic needs. We rent out bbq grills and sell charcoal. We are not very strict with our hotel guests bringing food. You can bring food but we do not allow cooking inside the hotel rooms. Families and groups bringing food can rent picnic tables and barbecue grills in the resort. We advise that alongside with your room you also rent a picnic table so you have a place to stay in the resort even after you have checked out from your room. We can handle kitchen service for a fee if you prefer to buy fresh raw food for cooking.

We do not allow pets in the resort and hotel rooms. More reminders at FAQs

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