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Do you have a separate day and night room rate?
None. We do not have a separate day and night room rate. The room rates cover the equivalent of an overnight usage of a room. If you are staying only for the whole day you still have to pay for an overnight rate.
What is the procedure in reserving a room?
You can request a room reservation thru email or by phone. Upon confirmation of your room from us you can proceed by making a bank deposit. Do not make a bank deposit without a confirmed room. Send a a scanned copy of your deposit by email.
What is the check-in and check-out time?
Check-in time is 2pm and check-out time is 12nn the next day.
Do you allow early check-in? Late check-out?
If guests are staying only for the whole day: 9am to 9pm; we allow early check-in, but this is subject to room availability, and the rate will be the equivalent of an overnight stay. Otherwise, for a regular overnight stay we strictly follow the check-in time of 2pm especially during week-ends and holidays. We also strictly follow check-out time of 12nn especially if the room have an incoming reservation. In case you extend your stay 1hr beyond 12nn, extended time charges apply.
Do you have a restaurant?
Yes, we serve american, filipino and chinese dishes and we are open from 6am till 10pm.
Is free breakfast included in the room rate?
Yes, in selected hotels only. We give free breakfast exclusively for the occupants of the Suites and Oasis hotels only. No free breakfast is included for Splash and City of Springs guests.
Can we bring food inside our room?
Yes. Hotel guests can bring food inside the rooms but no cooking allowed inside the rooms. We can handle kitchen service for a fee if you prefer to buy fresh food for cooking. Alongside with your rooms we suggest you also rent tables in the resort so you have a place to stay after you have checked out from your room. The tables and open cottages in the swimming pools are provided for your outdoor picnic needs. For added convenience we rent out bbq grills and sell charcoal.
If we get a room do we have to pay for the resort entrance fee?
No need to pay the resort entrance fee if two persons are renting a couple room, or 4 persons are renting a family room, or 12 persons are renting a dormitory room. Only extra persons over and above the stated room capacity will pay additional extra person charge. Big groups have to rent a table in the resort for your picnic needs and swimming convenience. At the giant waterslides all hotel guests need to pay the additional upgrade fee of Php100.00/person.
Can we stay in the resort after we have checked out from our room?
Yes, if you rent a picnic table for another day. Big groups are advised to rent a picnic table or open cottage alongside with your room so you have a picnic area and a place to stay in the resort for swimming convenience. Should you wish to stay longer in the resort after you have checked out from your room, you need to pay your rented table for another day.
Do the rooms have air-conditioning? Refrigerator? Cable TV?
Yes, all our rooms are air-conditioned. Some rooms have refrigerators but you can arrange for one if it is not included in your room with an extra fee. All rooms have cable TV.
Are pets allowed in the hotel?
No, we don't allow pets in the hotel and resort.

Resort Guests

Does the resort entrance fee include a picnic table?
No. The entrance fee (adult-Php80.00/kids-60.00) include the use of the pools but the rent of picnic table is not included. Tables and open cottages can accommodate groups of various sizes from 4 to 30 people and rentals range from Php400.00-3,000.00.
Can we bring cooked food?
Yes. You can also bring fresh food and rent charcoal grills. We can also accommodate kitchen service for your fresh meat and fish/seafood. If you use your rice cookers in the resort, we will charge electricity fee.
Are there corkage fees? Charges for cooking appliances and sound systems?
Corkage rates are: beer Php120.00/case; softdrinks Php100.00/case; hard drinks Php100.00/bottle. Cooking appliances and sound systems are subject to electricity charges ranging from Php100.00-200.00 depending on the type of appliance/sound system.
Are your pools hot spring water?
Yes, our swimming pools are natural hot spring water from volcanic Mt Makiling..
Are you strict with swimming attire?
We are not strict with swimming attire. You can use any clean decent shorts (not briefs for men) and shirts.
Do you have pools and waterslides for kids?
Yes. We have numerous pools of various sizes for all ages. The activity pool at the Splash resort have waterslides designed for 3 yr old kids. Also at Oasis pools we have waterslides for kids. These waterslides operate every weekend throughout the year.
What is the time of operation of the giant waterslides? Entrance Fees?
The giant waterslides operate weekends of summer and select days of March, April, May and June. Hours of operation start from 9am until 5pm only. Entrance fee is Php180.00 per person and this include the use of Splash resort pools. Table charge is additional and ranges from Php500.00-800.00 per table. Hotel guests and Splash/Oasis resort swimmers will pay an upgrade fee of Php100.00 per person to use the giant slides.
Is there night swimming?
Yes, night swimming starts from 6pm until 6am. There is no night swimming at the giant waterslides area. Night entrance fees: adult-Php90.00/kids-70.00.
Do you have lockers in the resort?
Yes, there are lockers just enough to hold a small bag carrying your things needed for the resort.

General Questions

Do you have group packages for seminars, weddings and parties?
Seminar packages inclusive of lodging, food and seminar venue apply to a minimum of 25 pax. We can accommodate up to 400 seminar pariticipants and 350 wedding and party guests.
Do you accept exclusive day tour reservation for companies?
Yes. Splash resort phase I has a capacity of 1,000 pax and if we include the giant waterslides and the Oasis pools our capacity can reach a maximum of 3,000 guests. We are open for an exclusive day tour package for the whole resort to include lodging, swimming and food.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. Mastercard and Visa only.
Do you have Internet?
Yes, wireless free internet (wifi) is available in the lobbies of Splash, Suites, Oasis and City of Springs hotels.
Are you open everyday?
Yes, the hotels and resorts are open 24 hours each day throughout the year.
Do you have a convenience store?
Yes, it is located at the convention building in front of the giant waterslides. Snacks and souvenir items are available in the convenience store. There is also one inside phase I of the splash resort but limited to food items only.
Do you have Videoke?
Yes, we have coin operated videoke in the resort area or you can also rent a mobile videoke setup inside a function room.
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