Splash Oasis Amenities

Move away from the stressful corporate routine and enjoy the excellent ambiance and service that you deserve. If you desire serenity and harmony to get your business thoughts together, Splash Oasis Resort Hotel is the perfect place to mix business with pleasure.

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Swimming Pools

Picture yourself dressed in your favorite swimwear, sipping a cocktail drink while soaking under the sun on a lounge chair beside one of our 5 relaxing pools - a most wonderful thought. Come to Oasis Resort Hotel and we'll make it a reality and much more.

Splash Oasis Swimming Pools
  Depth Description
Pool 1 5 ft Adult and kids
Pool 2 4 ft Adult and kids
Pool 3 3 ft 3 yrs and above
Pool 4 2 ft 3 yrs and below
Pool 5 1 ft 3 yrs and below

The little ones need not miss out on the adventure of braving the waterslides.

At the Oasis Resort Hotel, we have provided them with Kiddie slides so they can experience the joy of speeding down a waterslide much like the grown ups do.

Available resort tables
Square Table 4 pax
Round Table 6-8 pax
Rectangular Table 8-10 pax

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Outdoor Jacuzzi

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Dip into our Jacuzzi nook and enjoy it with friends and colleagues. The soothing bubble action will surely relax your nerves. So come on over, sip your favorite drink, and have a wonderful time.


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Children's play area.


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Oasis open restaurant.

Other Amenities

Other amenities include slides and kiddie pools.

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Rules on Food/Reminders

The resort is a picnic area. Tables and open cottages are provided for your picnic needs. We rent out bbq grills and sell charcoal. We are not very strict with our hotel guests bringing food. You can bring food but we do not allow cooking inside the hotel rooms. Families and groups bringing food can rent picnic tables and barbecue grills in the resort. We advise that alongside with your room you also rent a picnic table so you have a place to stay in the resort even after you have checked out from your room. We can handle kitchen service for a fee if you prefer to buy fresh raw food for cooking.

We do not allow pets in the resort and hotel rooms. More reminders at FAQs

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